Friday, April 30, 2010

Six Days and Counting

So for those who haven't heard yet at my last appointment my dr scheduled my induction for May 6th which means that by this time next week I will be a mommy of two! My plan is for everything to go as smoothly as Jocelyn's (which went perfect in my mind)! KC and I have been busy this week finishing up some projects around the house and getting the nursery ready. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of it before next Thursday. Whew, I am so excited and a little bit nervous! Thank heaven's KC and I have been blessed with such great families to help us out so much. We even fit in one last date night !

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jocelyn's Birthday Bash

Last weekend our little cutie pie turned two! We had two family parties and she was quite spoiled but I can't begin to express how much happiness this little girl has brought to our family. I know she'll be the best big sister ever!
1 Day Old

1 Year

2 Years

My mad cake baking skills! (Some damage occurred en route to Salt Lake but I thought for my first time it turned out pretty good :)

One of Jocelyn's gift's from Grandma and Grandpa Myers. If you notice most of the water is on the ground.

Opening up presents at the Gardner party.

My sister made us these cute apron's because among many other things, Jocelyn love's "helping" me cook.
It was a pretty great weekend and we just wanted to thank all of our family and friends for helping make it so special!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Venting

So I decided the worst part about being pregnant so far isn't the aching hips, back, extreme exhaustion and bruised ribs but the fact that I physically cannot play with Jocelyn when she wants me to. I'm sure today was a little worse than most because for some reason I was tired when I woke up even though I slept pretty well but all day she wanted me to do things with her I just couldn't do. I was practically in tears at one point because I just felt so bad, like I'm not the mom she needs me to be. I just really hope things (with time of course) will get better after I have the baby.

On a separate note, we celebrated Jocelyn's birthday this last weekend and will be posting pictures later. It was a pretty great weekend :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ah the memories. . .

So a few weeks ago my dad had my sister and I come down to clean out all of our "junk" from his basement. There were so many things I was holding on to from my youth and for reason's I couldn't remember why, it was crazy seeing some of the things I used to think were so valuable (from rocks to posters of my Hollywood crushes). It was quite the walk down memory lane!Funny how things change after ten plus years! My dad went so far as to rent a dumpster. We all thought he was a little crazy until . . .

After a hard days work the thing was completely filled! My little brother and his friend did most of the hauling out which was soo nice! I can't believe all that was in our basement.

While we were cleaning we had to take turns watching Jocelyn. My mom did most of the babysitting but I don't think either one of them minded much! Because Jocelyn doesn't get to see her Grandma Roxy very much she takes a little longer to warm up but once she does, she doesn't leave her side

Being silly with Aunt Sami.

Sharing an apple with Papa Pete. He was nice enough to peel every slice for her. And if he missed even a sliver she would be sure to let him know. Oh what a bossy girl she is! (I know, I know, she is a little mini me!)

Little of this, Little of that . . .

Things have been quite eventful for us the last few weeks, hence the many pictures.
Easter 2010: We spent the morning watching general conference and then went to KC's parents for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. As usual Jocelyn had a blast with her cousins.

Jocelyn and I also had the chance to make a short visit to Salt Lake. My mom suggested going to the Aquarium and Jocelyn loved it! Except for this picture below. She freaked out when my mom tried to pet the sting rays.

This same week our friends Heather and Briggs invited us to Baby Animal Days. These were just a few pic's but again, Jocelyn had so much fun with her buddy Briggs and all the animals. She even got to take her first pony ride.

Lately Jocelyn has been experimenting with her independence and this happened to be one of the outfits she chose to wear. It has been quite fun to see her develop this attribute and at the same time VERY frustrating as it usually takes us twice as long to do anything from getting dressed, eating, getting in and out of the car, etc. To those experienced parents, where do I draw the line???

Jocelyn has also been testing her limits which has a direct correlation to testing my patience. At times I don't know what has possessed her and the temper tantrums are in full swing for reasons I don't even know why! She is turning 2 this week so maybe that has something to do with it but some days I just do not have the energy to deal with her craziness. All that being said, how can you stay mad at face like this??? Not only do I love that she is finally getting some hair but that when she wakes up, it looks like this!
On a side note I had my doctor's appointment today and he said I am already dilated to a 2 and if everything is going well then he doesn't see why I can't have the baby at 39 weeks, which makes me super excited and super nervous!