Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Update

Lot's of things have been happening since I last blogged and I honestly don't want to post pic's from everything. Mostly good, fun stuff like the Box Elder Fair, Labor Day trip to St. George and most recently Kentley's blessing. In short things are going pretty well for us. We're very blessed and very happy :)

This would have been a great family picture if Jocelyn would have released the sippy cup. Have I mentioned my two year old has a lot of attitude? :) Oh how I love her though!

These are my two most recent favorite pictures of the girls. Jocelyn was getting ready to help her dad wash the car. The hat is because she didn't want the water in her eyes and I love how the boots are on the wrong feet. Kently is getting so big and so expressive. Love it! I can't look at either picture without smiling :)

I wanted to post these two pic's of the girls about the same age in the same outfit and somewhat similar pose. Do you think they look like sisters??? Me either :)