Sunday, October 25, 2009

Album Trouble

Is anyone else having trouble viewing my latest album??? Urgh, I am so frustrated and have been updating this blog for like three hours, hence why I never do it!! If it's just me then that's fine but I hope the rest of you can enjoy it!

Gardner Fall Happening's

So like many other's I have been slacking on my blogging and to make up for time have created another album to update everybody. Sorry for all the pictures but hope you enjoy!

August is the Box Elder County Fair which is a big deal for the Gardner family. We were out there almost every night. Jocelyn loved all the animals and of course the tomatoes!

In September we take a trip to St. George with my family over Labor Day. Typically it includes: golf, pedicures, shopping, a night at Tuachan and lot's of good eating. There are a few pictures of swimming on my sister's blog but we were too busy swimming to take any with ours. (Actually Jocelyn still wasn't a big fan of it but I tried my best!)

We also spent a night up at Bear Lake with KC's family. Being September the day we went to the beach was quite cold (notice the hoodie) but Jocelyn had lot's of fun with her second cousin Annika.

Lately I've had the opportunity to visit with some friends I don't get to see very often. My good friend Shawna and her daughter Breanna stopped by. The girls basically spent a lot of the time fighting over toys but being only four months apart it was pretty typical. I also had the opportunity to spend a day with my former mission companions, Sister Jackson and Sister Wilkinson. After lunch Wilki and I took our little girls to the Gateway Children's Museum. Jocelyn had sooo much fun. I wished we lived closer to visit more often. And it was sooo good catch up with some long time friends!

That same weekend Jocelyn and I made time to see my Grammy. We went to Gardner Village on a Friday thinking it would be a good time to go, it was insane! There were car's and children everywhere!! Forgot about parent-teacher conferences. So we stayed about a half hour and then went to lunch. I am just grateful Jocelyn has this time to spend with my Grammy while we can. I know she won't remember all that well but we'll always have the pictures! Sorry for the long post, I'll try to do better!!