Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Update

Lot's of things have been happening since I last blogged and I honestly don't want to post pic's from everything. Mostly good, fun stuff like the Box Elder Fair, Labor Day trip to St. George and most recently Kentley's blessing. In short things are going pretty well for us. We're very blessed and very happy :)

This would have been a great family picture if Jocelyn would have released the sippy cup. Have I mentioned my two year old has a lot of attitude? :) Oh how I love her though!

These are my two most recent favorite pictures of the girls. Jocelyn was getting ready to help her dad wash the car. The hat is because she didn't want the water in her eyes and I love how the boots are on the wrong feet. Kently is getting so big and so expressive. Love it! I can't look at either picture without smiling :)

I wanted to post these two pic's of the girls about the same age in the same outfit and somewhat similar pose. Do you think they look like sisters??? Me either :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Fun Continued

Now that it has been over a month I thought it was time to post a few more pic's of our summer fun. I just can't believe how fast summer is going! Hope everyone is having as much fun as us!

Kentley had her 2 month check up. Stats: 10 lbs 7 oz - 20%; 231/2 In - 74%; 37.8 - 10%. Basically she is long and thin with a tiny head. haha She did awesome with her shots though, such a trooper! And this is just one of the many, many smiles we see. She just gets cuter and cuter every day!

Jocelyn continues to be such a big helper and is adjusting more and more every day.

This is Jocelyn "enjoying" the 4th of July fireworks. (She would be the lump underneath the blanket on KC's lap.) She is such a wimp. If you asked her about the fireworks she would tell you she was listening to the booms. Lame.

Jocelyn and her cousin Broxton at the Honeyville parade.

A family pic at the parade. I know Kentley is missing but she was sleeping and I wasn't about to wake her as she had been screaming for about an hour that morning. Thankfully I figured out
it was all the dairy I was eating so things have gotten much better. Except for the fact that I can't eat milk or ice cream. The ice cream thing is sooo hard but worth it if it makes my babe happier.

I love the face she is making as she is preparing to put her butt in the water. It's amazing how a little bit of water will make a toddlers day.

Just a little more Kentley cuteness!

Jocelyn taking her first of many tractor rides this summer. KC has been soo helpful this summer by taking her for a few hours a day up to the farm and I can't begin to tell you how much she loves to go.

This was her waiting to be picked up. She looks so grown up with her little backpack on.

Another fun part of our summer's are the weekly softball games KC plays with his brother's and friends. They lost one game in the tournament but still have a pretty good chance to win it all.
I love this picture of Jocelyn sitting in the dugout eating her "dinner". She loves hanging out with her bud Jesse.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Adventures

It has been about a month and things have been going pretty well. I can't believe June is almost over! With all the rain it feels like summer just barely got here and I am loving the warm weather. Here are a few pictures of our June adventures.

I just had to brag about my little artist. Jocelyn draws pictures like this all the time and I think it's pretty advanced if I do say so myself :) She could tell you exactly who each person is too.

I hope KC had a good Father's day. It was the first Sunday our whole family went to church. We came home, took naps, ate a quick dinner and went to his grandparents. The girls and I gave him a gift certificate to a local golf course which he seemed to like. I feel bad because he rarely gets to play as he is so busy in the summer so I'm hoping he will make the time. He is such a great dad and huge blessing to our family.

This is how cooperative Jocelyn was for the pictures and yes I turned into one of those moms who dress their daughters alike :)

We went up to Bear Lake for a couple of days with KC's family. It was too cold to go to the beach but we had fun in the condo's pool. I was very excited that Jocelyn would actually get in the water this summer.

I think it helped that her favorite cousin Macie was there. She is Macie's little shadow.

We also had some friends over for a bbq and there were lots of babies. Three of the four are under 8 weeks. It was crazy at times they would take turns crying or all at the same time. Crazy but good times. Raydan is in the car seat, that's Kentley's birthday buddy. Kentley is in the yellow, Layla is in pink and then the lone boy Everett.

And Jocelyn's good ol' pal Briggs came to play. They have so much fun together, so cute.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being A Mother of Two

So the first three weeks have been interesting. Good but interesting. The first week went pretty well because my mom was here. Of course two days after she left Jocelyn woke up in the middle of the night throwing up which continued through the next day. It was really hard not being able to take care of her the way I used to because I was having to feed Kentley so often. Which in itself has been a challenge. I think we have it mostly figured out but for some reason nursing is by far the most difficult thing for me physically and emotionally. Four days later I woke up feeling like crap. It was horrible! Thankfully my mom and sister were on their way up. When they got to my house I handed over the kids and went to bed for like four hours. I woke up to two happy kids and a clean house. Where would we be without mom's and sister's :) Their visit seemed to go by way too fast and we loved every minute of it!
Now that I have been at it by myself for a week things have been good. Jocelyn still has her moments but they are few and far between. She is a huge help and I'm pretty sure she is the cutest two year old I have ever known! Kentley so far seems to be a pretty easy going baby. She loves to be held and I just hope we can get on a schedule soon. KC has been amazing and I can't wait for warm weather to get here and stay.

I love this picture of them looking at each other.

My mom and grand daughter number two. She is THE best mom in the world!

Jocelyn having fun with aunt Sami. She loved all the attention.

Jocelyn was so tired but wouldn't get out of the swing. About a minute after this was taken she totally barfed. I think it was motion sickness.

This has been a pretty common occurrence. Jocelyn's baby does a lot of things Kentley does.

The loves of my life! Life doesn't get much better than this :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Introducing Kentley Brooke Gardner

Yea she is finally here! Kentley Brooke Gardner was born Thursday May 6th at 12:20 PM. 6 Lbs 15.5 Oz and 19 Inches. If I thought Jocelyn's labor and delivery was great this one was amazing! In short, I was started at 6 AM, water broken at 10 AM, epidural at 11:45 AM (love these!!!) and 5 pushes later . . . the second most precious little girl was in my arms!

This was the first time Jocelyn met her little sister because the hospital wouldn't allow children under age of 8, including siblings. I started bawling as soon as the nurse left after telling me this but it was probably a good thing because Jocelyn decided to get sick the day before I was induced.

On a totally separate note, some of our very good friends Jesse and Erin (Jesse actually gets credit for KC and I hooking up) were having their baby girl just a few doors down. It was funny to listen to the dad's calling each other for updates as the day wore on. Fun times!

Now for those mom's reading this that have gone through bringing home your second child any advice would be more than helpful as Jocelyn has had a somewhat difficult time adjusting and the worst part is that my mom has been here the whole time. We had two meltdowns in the first 24 hours and since she has actually been really helpful and super cute with "Baby Kentley" but I am open to any suggestions on how to make this transition easier for us all!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Six Days and Counting

So for those who haven't heard yet at my last appointment my dr scheduled my induction for May 6th which means that by this time next week I will be a mommy of two! My plan is for everything to go as smoothly as Jocelyn's (which went perfect in my mind)! KC and I have been busy this week finishing up some projects around the house and getting the nursery ready. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of it before next Thursday. Whew, I am so excited and a little bit nervous! Thank heaven's KC and I have been blessed with such great families to help us out so much. We even fit in one last date night !

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jocelyn's Birthday Bash

Last weekend our little cutie pie turned two! We had two family parties and she was quite spoiled but I can't begin to express how much happiness this little girl has brought to our family. I know she'll be the best big sister ever!
1 Day Old

1 Year

2 Years

My mad cake baking skills! (Some damage occurred en route to Salt Lake but I thought for my first time it turned out pretty good :)

One of Jocelyn's gift's from Grandma and Grandpa Myers. If you notice most of the water is on the ground.

Opening up presents at the Gardner party.

My sister made us these cute apron's because among many other things, Jocelyn love's "helping" me cook.
It was a pretty great weekend and we just wanted to thank all of our family and friends for helping make it so special!