Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Finally Happening

This past weekend Jocelyn is officially walking!! Even though she just barely turned one and it is totally normal it seemed like it took forever. With that being said, it has been so fun to watch her progress every day. From walking along the furniture, then walking to and from people and eventually taking those first steps on her own. And now she is walking all over! I feel like I missed out on so much her first year that I never really got to see the whole process before. I am so grateful I get to be with her so much now. The pictures below have nothing to do with her walking just a little bit of our fun times at home.

Jocelyn sitting in our backyard attempting to pick dandy lions.

Oh what a peaceful picture sitting among the flowers.

Yeah she was totally just playing in the dirt.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy First Birthday!!

So this post is about a week late but last Friday Jocelyn turned one and we celebrated it on Saturday. Lucky for us we had great weather and she got tons of fun, cute stuff. Thanks to all for making her day special! This last year has been amazing and we feel so blessed to have such a beautiful, fun lovable little girl! Thank you Jocelyn for making this year one of the best!
(The pictures are totally out of order but you get the idea, tons of fun right!)

This is the swing Grandma and Grandpa Myers gave her. It took her a couple of days for her to realize she really likes it.

She still doesn't really get the whole unwrapping presents thing.

Jocelyn "helping" Grandma Roxy cut the strawberries before the party. If you can't tell her mouth is full of berries.

For those wondering what is on her head, it is a bow not to be confused with any hair. She is still pretty much bald.
The dad's are blowing bubbles for the kids. I think Trevor was trying to show KC how to do it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Easter

Technically it's not Jocelyn's first Easter, but it's the first one where she kind of knew what was going on. (Kind of!)

It started out with the local Honeyville hunt at the park. She really just wanted to eat the plastic eggs. It looks like Broxton is wondering what she is doing.

Here are all the kids with their candy. Again, she is eating.

I absolutely love her Easter dress my mom bought her.

This was the closet I got to a smile but you gotta love that face.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun Little Visit

This week I decided to take Jocelyn down to my parents for a little visit so that she could get to know my side of the family a little better. I also made time to visit my best friend from high school. We had so much fun! Thanks Grandma for spoiling Jocelyn!

Here we are at lunch with my crazy Grammy. She eat's at this mexican restaurant (Tio's) every week so we had to give it a try.

Jocelyn had so much fun playing with Abby's toys.

She loved playing with her Uncle Ricky.

Grandma Roxy and Jocelyn sharing some Gold Fish.

This is my best friend Sarie and her 3 kids. Jocelyn had so much fun playing with Kilee and Cade.

Here is just a little clip of Jocelyn practicing her walking. She has been doing this for about a week but may have suffered a little set back as Grandma Roxy (and everyone else) had no problem walking her around by two hands EVERY WHERE. Now she won't take two steps without holding onto someones hands. (Both of them!)