Friday, February 20, 2009

Vegas Baby . . . well more like Henderson

We recently took a trip to Nevada to visit my sister and brother in law. It was sort of a way to celebrate our anniversary, both our birthday's and Valentines day. It was such a relaxing vacation just to get away and eat at a lot of great places! We loved hanging out with family and enjoying the warm weather! Thanks Sister and Bry for letting us come and visit! We love you so much!

Jocelyn did pretty good on the plane rides. She seemed pretty excited on the way down. (That is actually her smile :)

We made sure she went over all the important information. The flight attendents even gave her a pair of wings.

We went to the park a couple of days. She did not enjoy the slide.

This was a regular occurance at meals. Bailey probably gained 5 pounds over the 4 days we were there.

We went to eat at this great buffet in Green Valley Ranch. This was in the lobby while we waited for our table.
My sister has these great mirrors in her master bathroom. It was one of Jocelyn's favorite places to play.

This was her other favorite spot. (Notice the mirror in the corner. I think she may have a vain issue.)

We ate at this really yummy place called Panera Bread with our friend Gabi.

Jocelyn swinging at another park. Now this she loved!

Our little family!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Friends

We recently had some of our very good friends over for dinner. Dean was my former boss at Avalon and his wife Jane also worked in the office for awhile. We had so much fun and they have become like adopted family members for us and Jocelyn. And of course our good friend Tiff is always fun to have over. I realized how blessed we are to have such good friends in our lives! Thanks to all of you who bless our lives every day! We love you!

ps I added some recent pic's of Jocelyn.

(l-r KC, Tiff, Jocelyn, Jane, Dean)

Jane got a new camera for Christmas and was going crazy taking pic's of Jocelyn.

I love this one of her big eyes! I seriously don't think they could get any bigger!

This is her new smile. She does this ALL the time!

Doesn't she look mischievous???