Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Adventures

It has been about a month and things have been going pretty well. I can't believe June is almost over! With all the rain it feels like summer just barely got here and I am loving the warm weather. Here are a few pictures of our June adventures.

I just had to brag about my little artist. Jocelyn draws pictures like this all the time and I think it's pretty advanced if I do say so myself :) She could tell you exactly who each person is too.

I hope KC had a good Father's day. It was the first Sunday our whole family went to church. We came home, took naps, ate a quick dinner and went to his grandparents. The girls and I gave him a gift certificate to a local golf course which he seemed to like. I feel bad because he rarely gets to play as he is so busy in the summer so I'm hoping he will make the time. He is such a great dad and huge blessing to our family.

This is how cooperative Jocelyn was for the pictures and yes I turned into one of those moms who dress their daughters alike :)

We went up to Bear Lake for a couple of days with KC's family. It was too cold to go to the beach but we had fun in the condo's pool. I was very excited that Jocelyn would actually get in the water this summer.

I think it helped that her favorite cousin Macie was there. She is Macie's little shadow.

We also had some friends over for a bbq and there were lots of babies. Three of the four are under 8 weeks. It was crazy at times they would take turns crying or all at the same time. Crazy but good times. Raydan is in the car seat, that's Kentley's birthday buddy. Kentley is in the yellow, Layla is in pink and then the lone boy Everett.

And Jocelyn's good ol' pal Briggs came to play. They have so much fun together, so cute.

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The Hoxsies said...

so Jocelyn's pictures are soooo good!! Addi is still just drawing lines. Hoxsie just said we need to get together with you guys and i have to agree. I want to see that new little one!!