Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday's, Basketball, Babies and Banquet's!

Do you ever notice how weeks go by and not much happens and then there are those weeks when you just can't seem to keep up? Here are some picture of the fun things that have been going with us in the last couple of weeks!

My dad turned 50 this year so to celebrate my sister flew up from Vegas and we surprised him by sneaking over to his trailer (he hunts every weekend in Corrine) while he was at the Oyster fest and decorating the inside. My mom and sister made this yummy chocolate raspberry cake and we invited some of his hunting buddies over for dessert.

Here's the old fart and the fam.

You can see some of the decorations in this picture. My mom went a little crazy at the party store but overall I think it was pretty successful.

If any one knows the Gardner's they know we are huge Aggie fans, especially basketball. Here is a picture of Jocelyn at her first Aggie basketball game. She did awesome even with all the crazy fans. This will be the first of many I'm sure!

We also managed to fit in a baby shower for a friend from work. In this picture are just a few of the amazing women I have had the privilege to know while working at Avalon. As you can see there are lots of girlie friends for Jocelyn. It has been really good for me to work with a lot of working mom's especially on the tough days. Thanks ladies for all your help!

(l-r) Alyssa & Keira, Karissa & Elli, Tera & Berkley, Me & Jocelyn, Alli & Alyssa's Sienna, Sarah with the soon to be Miles, Maya. Front row, Sara and Ellen :)

This same weekend was the annual Corrine Duck's Unlimited Banquet where KC, me and a friend help my dad out selling raffle tickets, bingo cards etc. This year Jocelyn helped out of course and here she is with my mom dressed for the occasion in her camo dress. She was definitely the belle of the ball! It was so funny to see my dad's hunter buddies turn to mush when they saw her!

Here is just a random picture at the end of the weekend we had dinner over at KC's parents. Jocelyn with her Uncle Chet and Aunt Annaliese!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have now been tagged by Karissa and Chalisse. It has taken me awhile to come up with something and I only thought of five. Sorry I'm not going by the rules but I don't really care.
Five quirky things/facts about me are:

1. When I drive I usually only have my left hand on the steering wheel and I hold it at 6 o'clock while the right is down on the seat. KC gets irritated because he says if I were in an accident or something I wouldn't be able to steer properly. It is a habit I picked up from my friend in my first year of college.

2. When I unload the dishwasher I put my plates and bowls away the exact same way every time. Example, I have black and white dishes, the white plates always go on the bottom, then the black and then my white plastic ones. My bowls are put away like this, all the white ones first and then I have pink and green plastic ones which I alternate those colors.

3. I have one of the smallest pinkie toenails that grows kind of vertical. There is barely enough nail to paint and when I get pedicures the girl always laughs at it.

4. I love to fold clothes. Laundry is my favorite chore. For some reason it is one of the most relaxing things for me to sit on the couch and pile clean smelling clothes all around me.

5. I am extremely claustrophobic. The worst is when KC tries to cuddle face to face because he is a mouth breather so when he is breathing in my face like an inch away it freaks me out. And when we spoon I usually have to be behind because I can't handle the breathing on my neck either. It took him awhile to realize it wasn't personal.

6. I just thought of another one! I hate wasting food. If I ever need to get rid of something I bring it to my work and put it on the counter in my office. Without fail, it will be gone by the end of the day!

There it is. I can't really tag anybody because everyone else has already done it. So just enjoy learning more about me :)